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From this point on the book essentially becomes an anti-The Rules book that flips the concept of "playing hard to get" so that the male grovels at the feet of women at the mere whiff of sexual access, to "offering him a grocery store taste sample of what could be a great thing" if plays his cards right.

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As a male in his sixties, I can only mentally ruminate, "Damn, where were you ladies when I was 25? It is, in the simplest of terms, Redefining Seduction is a modern day dating book for young, single women in the process of seeking a partnership with a man for the purpose of a life-long commitment and for the continuance of our species; what makes it different is the guiding direction based Darwin's theory of sexual selection. Redefining Seduction is a total rejection of "the rules," mentality where women are taught to "get as much as you can out of a man" and to "lead him around by a leash until he is trained" to do their bidding.

It understands that the male is really more scared of the mating process and the power of the feminine - it's just that "institutions" of thought have forced him to be cold and callus and dictate that he appear to be brave and tough. The book is divided into two parts: Understanding the Basics includes the first two chapters that I have discussed, with the Second Part: Getting Started, with the how-to instructions of where the rubber meets the road.

Here is a breakdown of all the chapters in Part One and Two, the chapters include: Personals, Online, Speed Dating. As a male, I would like to comment on what I feel is the best chapter in the book, and that is: Reffell make a slam-dunk of the knowledge of the tough, emotional exterior that males must wear in our American culture. Or should we expand territory to include global male fundamentalism -- be it either political or religious?

Seduction Redefined

Sheehan and Reffell, give us "The List" for women to understand the male outer mask which I thought very well written and as a result. I wanted to highlight with a few quotes from the book: Yes, it seems that the alpha males of our world really believe all this macho mumbo jumbo crap about clawing to the top while not giving the slightest consideration or credit to anyone else for helping in that climb. Now, I'm all in favor of men taking off their tough guy masks and living an evolved persona alongside women in equal partnership who were smart and brave enough to reverces this current malise of females picking the most aggressive males out there to the determinant of our speiceis future -- but-- A major word of caution to my creative friends: The social dominants in this world, and in this particular subject, the high-ranking females who sit comfortably surrounded by the best schools, health care, and safe neighborhoods could easily be threatened by such a redefined movement.

Especially one based upon sexual freedoms that some women know is the most important secret weapon on the planet. But, I say, you go for it girls!

Your refusal to be sexually abused when your ancestors were still part of the chimpanzee tribe led you to invent a new way of selecting males based on their intelligence and not their brawn; as a result, the human species was born. Now is the time for all women to wake up to a new reality, that if women continue to select aggressive males at the rate they have in the past, it could mean our extinction.

Because of the evolutionary perspective of this "dating" book, the importance of the subject, and it's simple, easy to understand writing, I am placing in my Recommended Reading section, Level One. Click here to learn more or purchase from Amazon. Book Reviews Redefining Seduction: You had the right reception.

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seduction redefined.

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seduction redefined.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Seduction Redefined emphasizes the Darwinian evolution of human sexuality and the societal implications of having a harmonious culture led by compassionate female-brained advisors rather than men who are constantly at conflict with their own maleness and aggressive tendencies.

If "woman-brained" leaders would eventually dominate the governing roles of the world's warring nations, the planet would be selecting for a constructive and nurturing environment, rather than the antagonist crisis climate which has been historically repeated over the last several centuries. Seduction Redefined places the power in women to transform culture and society using qualities which are engrained genetically in brain chemistry and physiology unique to that gender.

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Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell reveal the mechanisms through their writings that should instigate discussion about the role of human relationship s in bringing about a future of harmony and peace. One person found this helpful. This takes John Gray's work one step further and speaks to the rising up of feminine power and the merging of the two sexes' strengths!

Men want sex - women want romance, why hasn't that been said this simply before? When that cat's out of the bag things can be worked on in a brand new way! Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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