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Get access to the best in romance: See More New Releases. Lumberjanes To The Max Vol. The Hardcore Lady-Types Return in another deluxe hardcover collection! From scary stories to magical portals that lead to a land untouched by time, it's definitely not your average summer! There are only so many ways one can have sex in a plotline before it gets repetitive. Not to mention that it seemed like all 3 of the women's first sexual experiences their "supernatural" experiences were all explained as being their first sexual experience instead Dorothy going to Oz was actually her first time masturbating, etc were deviant or scarring.

I won't go into details. Yes, naughty sex can be arousing, but it seemed like everything was in there for mere shock value. This book avoids receiving a rating of 1 because it WAS rather creative the ways in which Moore changed the original stories to make them sexual. And the illustration styles, especially the segments showing the book of erotica that the characters in the story are reading, can be delightful. But I definitely don't recommend it. May 09, Sophia rated it liked it Shelves: Sadly, a bit of a disappointment -- some of the art is beautiful, and I enjoyed some of the story, but overall it's a too much porn, b porn which doesn't really appeal to my sensibilities for the most part, and c kind of sad to see all the magic of these girls' stories taken out and replaced with sex.

I initially thought that sex would just be included, but, despite the cleverness of some of the shifts Captain Hook is a dirty old man who spies on the Lost Boys' debauchery in the park? Recognizing the thread of sexuality interwoven with these classic stories of lifechanging adventures for innocent girls on the cusp of adolescence is one thing, but taking away all the magic just sort of make the stories ordinary and uninteresting. Jan 10, Brian rated it it was ok Shelves: I really wanted to like Lost Girls , in no small part because I love Alan Moore's superhero deconstruction and I'm an admirer of the comic world's ballsiest writer.

But in truth, these books are filth, and no amount of sacrificing to Glycon is going to change that Now hold onto your horse bestiality. I'm not one to blush. I'm not saying that these books are garbage because they include more genitalia per page than words. I'm fine with that, so long as the works stands.. But I really wanted to like Lost Girls , in no small part because I love Alan Moore's superhero deconstruction and I'm an admirer of the comic world's ballsiest writer. At it's core, "Lost Girls" re-examines the "Big Three" of the childhood fantasies from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Baum, Barrie, and Carroll - if ever there was a more interesting group to trade dirty jokes with, I doubt you'd find it. Nobody could find sturdy ground from which to argue that these works are not laden with beaucoup sexual undertones, and for Moore to "go the distance" is an interesting and welcome take on the source material. But here's where it all goes Humpty Dumpty. Moore and Gebbie are so intent on their re-envisioning that they commit the unforgivable sin of adaptation: And the heart of these works is fantasy.

It's escapism and adventure, magic and mystery. Are there all sorts of ways you could draw in parallels between these elements and the sexual awakenings of the characters? Would that make an awesome story? All that's left are some clever associations and unexpected twists on familiar personages Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, Scarecrow, etc.

It's ironic, because Moore is a "ceremonial magician" whatever that means and so he should have enough respect for magic to leave it in when it works! He should have some inkling that to remove the wuzzy line between fantasy and sex and attribute the entirety of the exotic adventure in these wonderful stories to puberty-flamed dreaming is just not doing your predecessors justice.

Yes, sex and fantasy are eager bedfellows. Yes, you can talk about sex fueling fantasy. No, they are not totally interchangeable. The art earns my particular scorn, mostly because it needed to be something extraordinary, a perfect blend of styles that left you unsure where the fantasy was going to take you. Ya know, like a sexual awakening? How about letting the art inform the themes? I found it offensive, not because of what it depicted, but of how and why.

I do agree with some of the opinions of other reviewers that there was "too much porn". I think Moore could have nailed this with a little more restraint - a little more care for when a scene calls for a phallus, and when it doesn't. I was disappointed with this series. Moore has been very vocal about elevating pornography in the public estimation; moving into an era when porn is a legitimate art.

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I'm willing to entertain that notion, but "Lost Girls" is an argument in the wrong direction. It leaves porn right where it found it, which is to say the Victorian gutter. I don't always find my life story within the pages of fiction but there are three occasions when I did, and Alan Moore's graphic novel erotica Lost Girls was one of them.

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This was quite a peculiar work as a whole, considering Melinda Gebbie's candy-colored illustrations could easily be a part of a children's book; but I suppose this choice of art style was deliberate because Moore's sensuous writings on sexuality and hedonism were deeply contrasted yet incredibly enhanced by Gebbie's art.

It also I don't always find my life story within the pages of fiction but there are three occasions when I did, and Alan Moore's graphic novel erotica Lost Girls was one of them. It also seemed only appropriate to use such an art style, considering Moore used three of the most famous and well-loved child heroines in fiction: With these recognizable characters, Moore weaved a trinity of intricate expositions; where each of his heroine shares her most heated encounters, most depraved indulgences and most mournful losses in the course of their childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

There have been analyses on the thematic and psychological aspects of Lost Girls that I've read online. Another drew comparisons between Dionysian and Apollonian and its dichotomy present in the characters. But my review will not touch upon that because I can't claim that I have an expert knowledge on such subjects but I am more than willing to write an academic paper about Lost Girls someday. Like most of Moore's work, Lost Girls is intellectually stimulating and written with layers of symbols and interpretations which makes it an irresistible literary piece to analyze for someone like me, and an enjoyable if not quite arousing read for a casual reader.

The idea that child heroines from stories we grew up in are interpreted and portrayed as sexually engrossing vixens who engage in various roleplays as freely as they wish sounds like a bad fanfiction for deviants and perverts, but Moore's caliber as a writer makes his versions of Alice, Wendy and Dorothy more than just desirable in flesh. He used their sexual escapades as a piercing examination of their damaged or repressed psyches. Therein lies the eroticism of Lost Girls.

It not only engages our senses but also our minds and spirits. The story was set in a hotel where these three women are staying in. The deliberate depiction of the place that somewhat resembles a doll house is yet another symbolic visual that emphasizes Dorothy, Wendy and Alice's youth as readers are taken into their respective accounts of their very early sexual awakenings. We get to know Dorothy first, in all her fiery, passionate and self-indulgent encounters with suitors and her own kin, and we cannot look away because they are exciting tales of lust and taboo relations.

Truly, Dorothy's ready availability and omnisexual inclinations are the most obvious depictions of graphic sex. Her purpose in the narrative is to embody raw and unadulterated sexual energy. Her panels are sunny and wide in length, emphasizing her larger-than-life personality and the warmth of her supposedly normal home life. Meanwhile, as a grown woman, Wendy's repressed sexuality represent her stifling Victorian upbringing. But long ago, she encountered the boy-prostitute Peter and his sister Tinkerbell when she was only twelve years old and was fascinated by his exploits and he then invited her and her brothers to play with them.

While indulging in their afternoon delights, they are stalked by the deviant Hook who forcibly tries to take Wendy for himself but fails. She and Peter drifted away afterwards, and Wendy then learned to suppress her carnal desires, seemingly cold and aloof with her husband who is at least ten years her senior. Wendy's secrets are revealed when she stumbled upon a tryst between two women. One of them was Dorothy, and the other was a woman in her fifties but a shrewd and imposing elegant figure. Her name is Alice Fairchild, and she easily seduced the vibrant Dorothy as she also challenged Wendy to come out of her shell.

Alice was molested by a man she called the White Rabbit, and to recover from the trauma of that abuse, she began to disassociate her sexual core with that of her rational mind, dividing herself into who she is as a person of flesh and the girl she sees in mirrors--her darker reflections. Alice attended an all girls' boarding schools and started engaging with other girls until she met an older woman who emulates the Queen of Hearts and under her tutelage, Alice embarked on orgies among several types of women.

Her lesbianism might be a by-product of her sexual abuse in the hands of a man, but Alice's orientation and preference towards the fairer sex is a narcissistic release; she loved herself above anything else but could not heal properly because of the trauma of her earlier sexual experience. She began to see men as creatures to fear and be disgusted with, all the while being oppressed by women who have used her in terrifying ways. Once Alice freed herself from these clutches, she in return and with Dorothy's assistance was able to set Wendy free from her own prison.

As a queer woman myself, I related very strongly to Alice. Her sexual exploration was the most intimate and self-centered, and I find myself both heartbroken and aroused by her experiences. Her panels are oval mirrors you can gaze into--an echo to the original Caroll stories--and they reflect nothing but the ugly truth. The last few pages of the three of them finally able to embrace and recover from the mistakes of their girlhood were astounding. Once the afterglow spell was broken, the three women have transformed into transcendental beings.

Dorothy can go back to enjoying the pleasures of her future encounters with men, Wendy will now be able to fully give herself to someone who deserves her passions, and Alice can continue experimenting without losing portions of herself in the process. This ending is my own interpretation for Lost Girls remains ambiguous to the very end.

Nevertheless, it is a searing look at female consciousness and sexuality, and I highly recommend this because it's also an eye-opener and a decadent story that will surely stimulate your other parts as well. Nov 02, James Payne rated it it was amazing Shelves: This seems to validate P.

I feel attuned to this disjunction in leftist rhetoric since many people in my social circles have espoused one framework or another, sometimes at the same time. Maybe they're eternal complements in a way beyond my understanding - I, too, feel both. Moore is good at narrativizing coping mechanisms for traumatic sexual experience, for example Alice's disassociation and fixation on her childhood appearance, or Wendy's absolute repression of her sex drive, in fear of going back into the street-sex Spinney.

In my late-teens and early twenties, I often argued for sex as a freeing act, and as an experience that can bring people closer together, probably in retaliation for a sexually repressed upbringing. As I get into my late-twenties, I am beginning to see relational and behavioral cycles emerge in myself and my friends that I was too ideological and naive to understand or accept previously. Seeing repeated traumas - a big part of Lost Girls, ad nauseum really - or repeating dysfunctional relationship models learned in childhood, has changed my opinion on the pure utopian potentialities of sex. I'm no longer stridently in favor of sex: That might seem obvious, but I've never been good at seeing grey.

I had the fortune to not be forced into patterns of sex until I was ready to be, which many people do not. But it's a metaphor that is beaten over your head with foreshadowing "Seems an Archduke is in town Jul 29, Jerry Jose rated it it was ok. For no reason whatsoever, at least none that I can comprehend, the story of Lost Girls is set in and around an Austrian Hotel, next to one of the most iconic event of 20th century — Gavrilo Princip taking out the Archduke Ferdinand. Maybe an inside joke on people who say, these things doesn't demand a compelling premise.

Plot follows, explicitly and quite graphically, the sexual adventures and experiments of fictional versions of three already fictional female characters- Alice, D Basically porn. Plot follows, explicitly and quite graphically, the sexual adventures and experiments of fictional versions of three already fictional female characters- Alice, Dorothy and Wendy Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of the Oz and Peter Pan respectively. Story line is more or less a sharing activity in retrospection, by their adult selves, at the wake of WW1, aided with artful renderings of their past adventures.

Lost Girls

Narrative is layered, with definitive visual layout and writing elements for each character. For example, through most of the first book, Alice story line was represented via the looking glass, woods and her shoes were a recurring theme for Dorothy and for Wendy, everything around her were a bit Victorian.

Also their first encounter with adventure was interpreted as their sexual awakening. And, in its entirety, art is not the kind that our teenage self would have loved a peek, or adult self would find erotic though, many are , but the kind that exhausts you as a reader.

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Its unapologetically provocative, artistic and didactic, but the prolifically barely complimented book's plot. I put genuine effort in understanding the nuances in book 1, but by the next installment, the graphic nature transformed my reading into skimping and eventually skipping. By the last book, so called plot felt more like an excuse to slide show the remaining erotic sketches, that Moore and Gebbie had already crafted. View all 4 comments. Sep 23, Huan-hua rated it liked it Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I read an excerpt from this Dorothy's first Oz story in a comics class in college, and thought it was great.

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But when I picked up the entire 3-volume set from the library and read it through for the first time, I realized that the story chosen was one of the more subtle and skillful parts of this collection. The reframing of these stories in a sexual context really started to feel ham-handed after a wh "I know it when I see it"--this could equally well be said of this piece as porn and as art.

The reframing of these stories in a sexual context really started to feel ham-handed after a while. It was definitely interesting overall, though, if you can get past the total, numbing overload of taboo sex, and if you have enough of a grounding in art history to appreciate the visual allusions Gebbie makes along the way to Beardsley, Schiele, Matisse, and the literary allusions in the Hotel Himmelgarten's White Book I don't have enough background to pick up on every allusion, though, honestly.

Two interesting points stuck in my mind after reading this: I found this repellent yet thought-provoking in the larger context. I've been thinking about the layers of symbolism aside from the question it brings up about obscenity--why sex is considered a worse taboo than violence. Is it the final self-acceptance and flowering of the sexuality of the Lost Girls against the backdrop of the Great War?

There are the three female main characters and their "we don't need a man! Then there's the opium smoked by Alice and Dorothy, and the significance of the poppies in Dorothy's past. Anyway, it's an interesting read overall, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it over Watchmen Jul 23, Vanessa rated it liked it.

It has taken me a while to write this review, because it has taken me a while to figure out how I felt about Lost Girls. My rating of three stars is a compromise between two factors: For the years of thought and effort Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbe put into this opus, I felt they deserved four and in places, five stars; however, my enjoyment of the work only merited two and in places, one or zero stars. As anyone who has an interest in this work will know, it is a pornographic re-telling of the stories of three famous ladies of literature: I thought the stories of Dorothy and Wendy were well done and in places quite clever.

However, I found the story of Alice to be extremely long and tedious by contrast. In fact, boredom was my almost constant companion while reading of the numerous random couplings and orgies filling the pages, though in one section, illustrated in an Aubrey Beardsley style, boredom was kicked out by utter revulsion. From a purely personal perspective I cannot recommend it, but neither would I dissuade the curious from reading it. Not unlike intimate activities between consenting adults, this book is something about which each individual should make up their own mind.

View all 3 comments. Jul 02, Justin rated it it was amazing. If you're not at all a prude in any way shape or form then you might enjoy this book. Instead of "book" in the last sentence, I accidently wrote "movie. Maybe that it was so well done that it was almost a cinematic experience? I read this over the span of 3 days so I wouldnt get burnt out on it and I think that was a wise choice. At times I sat reading this oblvious to the world.

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I finished it a few minutes ago and I'm still kind of lost in the experience, If you're not at all a prude in any way shape or form then you might enjoy this book. I finished it a few minutes ago and I'm still kind of lost in the experience, digesting the various moral and immoral messages. Yes there are a lot of boobs and vaginas and wangs and taboo sexual scenarios hence you shouldn't be a prude while reading it or else you will eschew it but I would say that I didn't get aroused as much as I thought I would. I think because the book was less pornography but more literary.

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  6. The real delight were the interpretations of the characters adventures Alice and twiddle-dee and dum, Dorothy and the Tin Man, Wendy and Capt. It was brilliant like many things Alan Moore does. While I dont like to deify him or others, he and the artist masterfully walked the fine line of obscenity and art and came out the otherside Aside from the content, the books were beautifully put together with excellent paper stock and with an amazing slip cover.

    Jul 22, Punk rated it it was ok Shelves: Alice, Dorothy, and Wendy meet up in a hotel in Austria prior to WWI, have a lot of sex, and recount their experiences as children, but instead of the stories we're familiar with, we get a sexually skewed version of events. I just don't know what to think of this. For now, my thoughts during the final volume: God, not more sex. I am so bored. Yes, yes, more cunnilingus, whatever.

    Yes, we all have strap-ons. Yes, Alice, someone's fingering y Graphic Novel, literally. Yes, Alice, someone's fingering you, please stop interrupting yourself to be surprised about that. Nice hot pink pirate pants, Wendy. God, this is boring. Is it over yet? Good thing I took German in college.

    Wait, who's this dead dude? The writing was kind of awful, full of egregious puns and heavily didactic in places, but I liked most of the art, especially the way it changed to reflect each girl's story; I absolutely loved the shadows and silhouettes in Wendy's tales. The main concept of the book the girls' stories rewritten as their sexual awakening was promising, but there's a lot of chaff in here; the framing devices -- the hotel, the pornographic White Book, various people's correspondence -- are tiresome, and all the boring, repetitive sex the women have is, you guessed it, boring and repetitive.

    I might have liked their stories more if they weren't surrounded by so much proselytizing and random Stravinsky. The sex is only occasionally sexy and I didn't care about any of the characters. I don't know what Moore was shooting for beyond the obvious message that pornography shouldn't be subject to moral judgment , but that probably wasn't it. Sep 22, Cerebralsubversionyahoo. Reading some other folks reviews of this made me kind of realize just how important this type of literature is. First of all, it's not porn, it's an attempt to tell a story that revolves around sex rather than violence.

    Last time I checked, violence is illegal and everyone has sex. And yet every kid in America witnesses something like , simulated murders on television by the time they're I didn't once have the urge to jerk off while reading this. It maybe got me kind of hot to watch ac Reading some other folks reviews of this made me kind of realize just how important this type of literature is.

    It maybe got me kind of hot to watch actual porn or fuck my wife on a few occasions. Anyway, the first two books were amusing but somewhat tame and then in the third book he goes completely off the deep end, which I'll have to admit, I didn't see coming at all. Sister fucking, brother fucking, mother fucking, father fucking, bisexual opium whoring, pegging? Yeah, it's all covered. I kind of wondered where in God's name he was going with that, but it all wrapped up well. The point he was trying to make as far as I can tell is that even our darkest, weirdest, and creepiest consensual sexual fantasies are less disturbing and destructive than our mildest of violent ones.

    I'm not sure if there's a more important point that can be made in our world today. The fact that it offended so many people here or turned them away from it kind of just proves that point. People getting their heads blown off would be fine, but you know, how dare make your story revolve around sex. It was supposed to weird you out a bit and in doing so make you question: Aug 07, Vanessa Wu rated it it was amazing. I have just remembered that I promised to write a review of this in my review of 25, Years of Erotic Freedom.

    This book moves me in a very personal way. I see it as a love story between Melinda who drew the pictures and Alan who wrote the plot. I think the collaborative effort was far-reaching and I wonder at it every time I pick up one of the three volumes that make up this amazing book. I don't know if they are still together but I certainly hope they are. What a beautiful gift to the wor I have just remembered that I promised to write a review of this in my review of 25, Years of Erotic Freedom.

    What a beautiful gift to the world their love has produced. Blah blah controversial blah. There are loads of other reviews in which you can read about that aspect of Lost Girls. Very late to the party here — quite a few friends had copies years ago, but as with Alan Moore comics in general, people were reluctant to lend them to anyone. I later became wary of it because technically some of the Blah blah controversial blah. And this graphic novel is silly like porn is silly it does deliberately identify itself as porn: The idea of Captain Hook as a flasher and sex offender also fitted very well.

    Though the story could have done with Tiger Lily as a real character, not just a dress-up costume. Sex is often liberating in Lost Girls , but not always; it's still a somewhat complicated force. In the case of the main characters it creates possible interpretations of all of them as victims, which is unwelcome, and which seems antithetical to the sex-positive ideals of the book. Several of the storylines would have worked just as well — better to some of us - if characters had been unrelated, or just cousins which would have been quite common at that time e.

    They are uncontaminated by effects and consequences. Why, they are almost innocent.