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The singer's positive outlook is the catalyst for Neville's coping mechanism. His daughter was named after the cultural icon, implying that long before the end-of-world events, the original Marley—who was a devout Rastafari with a deep belief in God—was an inspiration for Neville. A conversation at one point with fellow survivor Anna could even suggest Neville chose his career as a virologist thanks to Marley's worldview.

He then tells the story of how Marley appeared on stage two days after being shot. When asked why, Neville cites Marley's reasoning: Light up the darkness. Neville's unflinching resilience enables him to make it this far with his psyche unscathed, despite years of isolation, the death of his family, and the end of civilization. Neville's faith in God's plan is another key ingredient and a link to his family, highlighted when his wife Zoe prays for Neville: In an act of revenge for trapping a Darkseeker for his tests, Neville is ambushed by other Darkseekers, including canines also infected with the virus.

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After grappling with the infectious ones and escaping to the safety of his home, Neville realizes his dog Sam is infected. Unlike her owner, Sam isn't immune from the KV virus. In a scene that would melt the coldest of hearts, Neville is forced to strangle his best friend and only companion, tragically singing Marley's "Every little thing" whilst doing so.

Sam's death alone doesn't break Neville—it's everything her death represents. She's the tie to his past life, a daily reminder of his motivation to find redemption, and a buffer between being alone and experiencing suffocating loneliness. Neville may even blame himself for not finding a cure in time. Rationality is replaced by rage when Neville embarks on a suicidal act of revenge. He sets a trap, waits until nightfall, and when a group of Darkseekers approach, Neville massacres them with his speeding truck.

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He's outnumbered though and ends up trapped in a wreckage. Just as Neville is about to become an evening snack, a beam of light scares the Darkseekers away. After three years with no response to his radio broadcast, another face of humanity has finally arrived. But is it too late? Rather than express gratitude for saving him, Neville is dismissive and struggles to communicate. Above all else, by now his lack of belief is evident.

When his savior says she is travelling to a survivor's colony in Vermont, Neville responds in a mixture of anger and hopelessness. When Neville asks how the woman knows of the colony, she replies, "If you listen, you can hear God's plan. Neville, however, is unconvinced.

Previously driven by an unyielding internal faith, it takes a moment of manifested grace to reignite Neville's belief in God's plan.

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As I Am Legend reaches its climax, the situation becomes desperate when a large group of Darkseekers invade Neville's home. Neville, Anna, and Ethan flee to the basement laboratory for safety. There, in a moment before the chaos continues, they discover that Neville's antidote is finally working. Robert Hamner , E. Robert Horton , J.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Jason Brewster Karl Swenson If he cannot find what it is, he will die tomorrow. Next morning Hiko reveals his final task as Master to Kenshin - without realising what is missing, Kenshin will return to his old ways and so Hiko has to kill Battousai.

Kenshin listens as he is told that he cannot learn the secret until he realises that the will to live is paramount; and so he has learned the secret of Amakakeru. Kaoru awakes from her coma, and as Kenshin concludes his training and is about to depart, Misao arrives with the news.

She also tells Kenshin that he has been branded a wanted criminal throughout Japan for his work as Battousai during the Bakumatsu era. Knowing that Shishio intends to take Tokyo next, Kenshin intends to return home by a secret route given to him by the Oniwabanshu at the Aoiya Inn. They discover that Okina has gone on ahead and encountered Aoshi, who was lying in wait for Kenshin on that route.

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Kenshin and Misao arrive and Kenshin duels with Aoshi, during which Okina dies of his wounds. Back at the Aoiya, Misao tends to Aoshi and convinces him to return to the Oniwabanshu.

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On Shishio's battleship, Shishio, his partner Yumi, and one of his men Hori, discover that because of Shishio's inability to sweat, he can only fight for fifteen minutes without putting his health at risk. Kenshin arrives back at the Kamiya Kashin dojo.

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  8. Megumi, who has been looking after the dojo in Kaoru's absence, welcomes him back, but shortly after his arrival police arrive to apprehend him. Wishing to prevent further violence, he surrenders, and is taken to the Home Ministry head, Ito. Ito explains that he had tried to talk Shishio into abandoning his plan to overthrow the Meiji government, but the negotiations had ended in disaster and Shishio, still bitter about his cruel treatment by the new government being burned alive , would only leave the government be for the time being if Kenshin were arrested and executed.

    Otherwise, he intends to attack Tokyo. Kenshin convinces Ito that he can defeat Shishio if Ito helps him. Ito seemingly decides to go through with the execution anyway. Kaoru, Sano and Yahiko return to Tokyo soon after and, to their horror, discover that Kenshin is to be executed the same day. Shishio's men attend the execution to ensure that Ito carries through with the negotiations.

    The execution, however, is merely staged, and Kenshin is freed and assisted in defeating the men by Hajime Saito. Sano joins them, and the three are rowed to Shishio's battleship. While searching for Shishio, Kenshin meets Seta Soujiro again and the two rematch. Kenshin comes out victorious, and Soujiro, who originally believed Kenshin to be weak, is crushed and confused.

    Kenshin finally finds Shishio, Yumi and Hori waiting in the ship's hold. Saito arrives immediately after, followed by Sano and Aoshi, who followed them from Kyoto, but even the four together are no match for Shishio. Shishio hits his limit and Yumi attempts to shield him from Kenshin while Shishio stabs both of them, killing her. Meanwhile, Ito's men begin firing at the ship, intending to sink it and drown Shishio and Kenshin inside.

    Shishio condemns Kenshin for helping such a government. Kenshin agrees that the new Meiji government is faulty, but argues that the age of assassins like himself and Shishio is over and that there should be no more violence. He manages to defeat Shishio using Amakakeru, though not physically harming him.

    Shishio, who has long hit his limit and whose body has become overheated, catches fire and burns to death before the group's eyes. Saito, Aoshi, Sano and Kenshin escape from the ship before it sinks and are brought back to shore, where Kaoru, Yahiko, Misao and the Home Ministry are waiting. Ito acknowledges Kenshin as Kenshin for the first time and declares Battousai dead, and his men salute the group as heroes.